Exchange 2016 CU15 -> CU17 update error

Hi there,

So, I’m back from vacation, well rested and ready to write 😁

This is just af quick one about a problem I had at a customers Onprem Exchange 2016 installtion (That I actually build for them a while ago)

I recently had to patch a customers Exchange 2016 DAG (3 nodes), from CU15 to CU17. Normally thats not a big deal, but for some reason, I got in to trouble on the last Node. (Why is it always the last one, late at night? 🤔)

First 2 Nodes, went smoothly, but just took a looong time 😴

When I started the CU17 update on the last Node, this was its answer 😲


I could see that the whole \BIN library was missing, and it was there on the other 2 servers 🤔, just couldnt figure out what was going on, and why it wasent there.

Well instead of boring you with all the resaerch I did, I’m just gonna jump to the solution👍.

The Solution…

I mounted the CU15 update .ISO and, it went on saying, that there was an ufinished installation of Exchange on the Server, and that it was gonna try and fix it for me.


(Sorry for the really bad pic, but something went wrong😒)

After that was done, copying files, i rebooted the server, just to be safe, and went on, mounting and running the CU17 update succesfully and problem solved.